Most Expensive Alcohol

Most Expensive Alcohol - People who like alcohol enjoy the best whether on special celebratory days or when socializing with friends and family. It goes without saying that when giving a gift, only the top brands will do. But it is another world entirely when it comes to the most expensive alcohol in the world.


Let’s start with the fruit of the grape. Wine is no longer a luxury, but a staple with meals and party guests. The French have always been known for superior production and the local product tops out with Domains Baron de Rothchild Chateau Lafitte at just under $150,000 per bottle—a splurge to be sure. Save it for a special occasion.


If you want to drink whiskey like royalty, seek The McCallan from 1926 (as boldly displayed on the label). Scotch lovers rave as does the South Korean businessman who bought it in 2005 for $75,000. Get it from the fine and rare and collection from the venerable bottler as available.

The list of the most expensive alcohol includes Ley .925 tequila which goes for a whopping $255,000. The price reflects the value of the limited-edition bottle resembling a barbed sea shell by noted artist Alejandro Gomez Oropeza. Otherwise, the Mexican Azteca blue agave aged six years is available in more modest containers for a fraction of this price.

If you have one million in cool cash to spare, Diva Vodka is for you from Blackwood Distillers of Scotland. It is a gem-filtered luxury product you can get for considerably less if you want to forego the diamonds and other gems housed in the bottle. A great wedding or anniversary gift if you dare!


Drink like royalty if you must with an aperitif or after-dinner cocktail. Henri IV Cognac Grande Champagne will lower your assets by two million dollars. Be sure you get the one aged for at least 100 years! The bottle is dipped in 24 karat gold and sterling platinum, made by Ley .925 of tequila fame. Rumor has it there are also diamonds involved. Just gorgeous. You might want to display this one as art and limit your consumption.


Beer-drinkers are aficionados and very particular. They usually reach repeatedly for their favorite brand. If budget is not a factor, however, why not try something exotic and imported. It seems like beer should by nature be low-budget. It is after all the great accompaniment to ball games, barbecues, and beach days. In the pricier category you can find Nail Ale’s Antarctic nail ale from Australia for only $800-$1,800. It’s brewed from Antarctic ice!

Some of these elite treasures hold the Guinness World Record for most expensive alcohol in existence. The exclusive elixirs will set you back, but make you proud of owning the best of the best that few can enjoy or even view at close range. If you can find them, unique as they are, you will surely experience something rare and delightful, a one-of-a-kind pleasure to be savored and cherished.

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